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Prevent access to porn with Internet Filters

Internet Filtering for everyone
It is prudent if you have children accessing your computer, to implement an internet filter on the system. An internet filter is designed to restrict access to certain internet sites and resources according to their content. For example, adult sites, hate content, violence and racism are a few things that any good internet filter can intercept.

How a filter works
Filtering software can contain lists of pre-categorized sites, or it can analyze them on the fly prior to showing the page. If a page contains certain keywords or other content then the page is blocked and cannot be viewed. It may also be added to the list of known unsuitable sites. You can manually add sites to the list at your discretion to prevent children reaching sites that are not already on the list and that you have categorized as unsuitable.

Some filters have password protection so that adults can 'surf' unrestricted, others have time limit functions so that users can operate the software only for a predetermined period or during specific time slots.

Child safe browsers
There are also special browsers designed for children that operate slightly differently to a filter. Instead of having a list of bad sites, they only allow access to specifically pre-approved good sites. These sites are generally made exclusively for children and are guaranteed not to have inappropriate content.
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