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Drive Cleaner Software helps remove porn and illicit material

The hard drive cleaning problem and solution
Home computers are where many critical tasks are performed, such as financial work, private emails, record keeping, etc. but it is also a source of entertainment and a place where hobby work and internet use happen. It is therefore essential to maintan a clean hard disk by using drive cleaner software to remove images, movies or any other adult or inappropriate files that have been downloaded by your computer's users. Many will say "that doesnt happen in my household!" but you will be surprised how many home computers contain this material, and how many parents are surprised to stumble across it on their hard drive.

Many drive cleaner products have a free downloadable demo that permits users to evaluate the software tool before plunking down hard earned cash to buy an 'unknown'. They generally allow users to review the parental control software and what it has found on their hard drive for a period of time, after which the user has to purchase to continue using it to clean their drive. These products are available online and can be found on Google, by typing in 'remove porn' and similar terms. There are various products including Snitch, Media Detective, and enterprise products like PinPoint Auditor that perform similar functions on networked systems.