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Delete porn files with easy to use software

Finding and deleting porn using software
When users download pornography or unsuitable material to your computer it is often hard to find all the files, as they can be hidden intentionally or unintentionally because browsers can store them in cache areas. It can take a savvy operator to discover the locations of hidden porn images, movies and other file types. Some software tools make the job easier by analyzing the hard drive for files that have the key indicators of pornography, and then presenting any files found for further review and deletion. In this way you can manage any 'porn problems' in house by performing the scan yourself so you can delete the files. This avoids the need for others to view your private information while cleaning your computer for you, and it avoids others accidentally discovering files that you dont want found.

There are various tools available that will help you clean your drive, including Media Detective and Snitch which are designed to quickly and easily detect and delete porn and pornography files. Organizations may need network scanning software which will do the same job for the entire network, and one excellent option is PinPoint Auditor which can be found here. Further related items can be found here and here.