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Pron removal for computer systems

Clean pron from your computer drives
Given the dangers that await inexperienced internet users, it is a good idea to keep tabs on our children's internet surfing habits while we can, and observing our children in the home environment is a good starting place. Although you cannot always be there to supervise while they use the computer, you can use software to analyze the hard drive to detect the presence of pron after they have finished. Detecting the presence of pron is a key step in identifying inappropriate behaviour.

Pornography and the average user
It is unfortunate that porn on the internet is so pervasive; it means that we have to take extra care when allowing young users access to uncontrolled resources such as raw unfiltered internet content. It is our responsibility as adults to provide a computing environment that is safe and uncontaminated by illicit files. Various tools exist for removing pron but possibly the best is ones are called Media Detective and Snitch. Snitch has a a free drive cleaner download available for users to evaluate before buying, and Media Detective also has a free one here.

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