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Software for cleaning hard drives

Cleaning hard drive files for the average parent
When you find pornography files on your computer that others have downloaded, it can be a big shock, and there are certainly issues to address, but one of the easiest tasks is cleaning up the drive and ensuring there are no unwanted files remaining. There already exist products on the internet that have been created to seek and destroy porn and other illicit material and erase them from the computer. Many of them are just cookie cleaners but there are several that actually analyze video content and images, to identify adult content and present it for user review, and ultimately erasure.

Take for example Snitch, which is able to analyze upwards of 30 images per second; imagine having to do that by hand? Snitch seems to finish checking and cleaning the hard drive in a few minutes depending on the number of files on the computer drive in question. A second is Media Detective, which also cleans drives in a similar manner. Read other aspects of drive cleaning here and here.