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  Children, Parents and the Internet
This website has been created as a guide to parents, teachers, carers and other individuals responsible for the care and welfare of children. It contains information about safety of children specifically in terms of computers and the internet, and the problems and solutions related to children accessing online resources in its unfiltered form. It presents information that will help readers assess their own circumstances and decide the correct course of action to mediate any issues.

Parental Controls
The various pages on this site discuss various forms of parental control software and methodologies for:

a) preventing children from coming across inappropriate material
b) detecting the fact that children have been exposed
c) cleaning a computer of unsuitable material that has already arrived

Please take your time and review the information presented here, visit some of the links to external sources of good data and make yourself aware of the dangers and benefits the internet can bring to everyone. Please select an area of interest to the left.